"Many men who harass women say their intent is to compliment them, but why do they usually not “compliment” women who are accompanied by other men and often only do it when a woman is alone? Why do they tend to object to other men “complimenting” their female significant other (if applicable), female friends, or female family members? Why do some men grow hostile and violent when women do not thank them and act flattered? Why do they feel compelled to compliment women at all? Rarely are they expecting a date. Many times they do not even wait to see a woman’s reaction as they fly by in their car or as they turn to start harassing the next woman. They are doing it to exert their power, to entertain their friends, to relieve boredom, or do demonstrate that they can evaluate a complete stranger to her face, just because she is a woman. "

Stop Street Harassment: Holly Kearl (via completelymoribund)

The thing that so many men need to understand is that women do not consider it a compliment when they are being harassed on the street. Women usually feel either embarrassed or terrified or a combination of the two. So stop fucking doing it.

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it’s so telling that men tend to do this when they’re in a group of other men. and i’ve never had it happen when i’m hanging out with dudes, especially not when i’m with my ginormous dad (most men don’t give a fuck about harassing me if i’m with my mom who is as small as i am). so if it isn’t sexual, or threatening, and you just want to ~make me smile~ then why can you only do it when i’m perceived as vulnerable?

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I would add that it rarely happens or when I am around men who know that I am dating someone at that time. Many men (certainly not all) are willing to lay off if they perceive that you are “owned” - otherwise, you’re public property, and they’re free to treat you however they like. Any competition that erupts is less to flatter the woman than to establish temporary rights to her, even if they must degrade her to do so.

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that or the nature of the so-called compliments will change if youre w a man. they will go from a respectful “you look beautiful this evening” when youre w a dude to some vulgar shit about your pussy, if youre alone. because youre not worthy of respect as just a woman.

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My sister got a flat tire in the freeway yesterday. She had nine cars roll down their window and yell how good she looked and how great her ass was, but not a single car stopped to help her.

Thanks for the compliments, you pieces of crap.

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they never wonder if we actually wanna fucking hear from them; they always assume their input (intrusion) is ~a blessing unto our presence~ and if we don’t want it and ask them to stop it’s oh ohhh ~freedom of speech~. and even when they say “i just wanted to give you a compliment” all i hear is “i just wanted” so it’s still always, always about them and their desires.

if you wanna make me smile, make me happy, make my day - give me peace, and give me respect. simple as that.

but nope.

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BEST lip-sync in RuPaul’s Drag Race history! Dida Ritz tore that song up!

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everyone is gay: "What do you guys think about the statements made by Cynthia Nixon about gay being a choice? The gay community is...


-Question submitted by Sarah Factor

“I gave a speech recently, an empowerment speech to a gay audience, and it included the line ‘I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.’ And they tried to get me to change it, because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice….


Jenny Saville and Glen Luchford, Closed Contact

“[Saville] presses her skin against glass to disfigure and manipulate it, emphasizing her negative body image.”


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ryan i’m only reblogging these corgi’s so you can see them

ryan i’m only reblogging these corgi’s so you can see them

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Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy? You’re a good boy! Yes you are!
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